Introducing the New Haru!

W e are proud to announce Haru, a trusted digital asset investment platform, as we expand our business model to offer simple, profitable asset management to all levels of investors.

A Stellar First Year

Up to this date, we have processed over $46,000,000 in traded digital assets on its platform. Our annual growth index took huge strides forward during this time, including a 1,000% increase in platform user numbers and a 450% increase in user deposits.

In addition to impressive performance and user growth, we have formed an impressive 10+ new business partnerships, with reputable asset management. These partnerships were integral in securing high earn rates across various asset management options.

Our platform supports BTC, ETH, USDT, and Terra KRT. By depositing cryptos, you can earn up to 16% APR. And then we thought, why stop there?

New Product Lineup

Haru is proud to announce a new product lineup with three different ways to earn profits. Haru Earn, Haru Earn Plus, and HaruX all offer something different with varied returns. This way, we cater to the demands of every type of investor, holder, or crypto enthusiast.

[My Accounts] is renamed to Haru Earn, but we kept it as it is. No lock-up requirement, withdrawal available anytime. Haru Earn is a great introduction to what kind of guaranteed profits are possible with minimal restrictions and is suitable for every type of cryptocurrency user. Haru Earn is perfect for any crypto user looking to take advantage of daily compounded interest.

Haru Earn Plus, formerly [Monthly Deposits], is no longer a monthly deposit. From 15 days to 365 days, you can customize your own lock-up period. The longer you stay, the more you earn. Haru Earn Plus is a more versatile and customizable option that offers users higher earn rates on deposits than Haru Earn. Users can always transfer and withdraw their earnings. Haru Earn Plus is geared towards investors with a specific investment timeline in mind.

Haru X is our first crypto fund that allocates investors’ assets to various strategies that turn market volatility into profit. The most important feature of this fund is the low entry barrier. We got rid of any management fee for this option. Investors of Haru X will not have to pay anything until they see an annual return of 10% or over. This is a very small fee structure when compared to the available alternatives.

With Haru X, we set our target return at 25% APR. Based on diversified investment strategies and quantitative trading, Haru X is a great investment opportunity for those looking for higher returns with minimized risk.

Check out what Hugo, our co-CEO, says about the rebrand:

“Most players in the industry chose the deposit-lending system as their business models. In this structure, what borrowers pay the platform decides how much you can earn. At this point, the industry average for earn rates is getting lower— and so is the maximum earn rates you can get elsewhere. Haru aims to go higher. We provide up to 16% APR on deposits and set our target return at 25% with our first fund product, Haru X.”

Haru, More Than a Bank

We continue to transition into one of the market-leading cryptocurrency asset management platforms.

HaruBank is so much more than a bank. We aim to become a trusted digital asset management platform. The new Haru is designed to enable users the chance to access the stable yet profitable digital asset investment.

With the varied number of different asset management options, flexibility, and returns, Haru is ready to make your portfolio grow.

Haru is a trusted digital asset management platform. We provide up to 16% earn rates for monthly deposits of BTC, ETH, USDT, and Terra KRT. What we offer aims to shift a paradigm of investment — investing in crypto can be stable and comfortable, too. Crypto in, more crypto out. It’s simple as that.

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Got Questions? Visit our Haru Guidebook

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