Weekly Interest Rates Update: July 7 to July 13, 2020

Good afternoon, everyone. The stock market keeps on going up under the pressure of the second COVID-19 wave. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s price has recently shown about 95% correlation with an S&P 500 index.

With growing concerns around economic turbulence, there is a high chance that the economic bubble will pop. Even after the market intervention comes to an end, the Bitcoin fundamental will remain strong.

HaruBank is a trusted shelter for your digital asset. Keep your asset safe and smart with us anytime. Here is a review of a week from July 7 to July 13, 2020. Let’s take a quick look at it.

Weekly Interest Rates Update

There have been changes made to all interest rates for BTC, ETH, and USDT deposits. The new interest rates above are effective as of July 15, 2020.

A Week in Review

Here are some of the highlights:

· 68.2% of depositors chose BTC over USDT, ETH, and Terra KRT.

· 76.5% of users chose Monthly Deposit over My Accounts (without lock-up)

· The value of deposits in BTC takes up 37.94% of the total, followed by USDT taking up 33.85%.

Stay Tuned!

That sums up the last week at HaruBank. While the pandemic cripples the economy, HaruBank is growing strong and will continue our efforts to provide you the best service.

Buckle up and stay tuned for what’s yet to come. Make deposits today and enjoy the high interest rates of up to 15% on your crypto.

About HaruBank

HaruBank is the trusted crypto savings and deposits service provider. We provide up to 15% for monthly deposits of BTC, ETH, USDT, and Terra KRT. What we offer aims to shift a paradigm of investment in cryptocurrency — investment in crypto can be stable and comfortable, too. Crypto in, more crypto out. It’s simple as that.

Official Website: www.harubank.com

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